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Snowflake Wishes Cover

... about Snowflake Wishes (Echo Lake #0.5)

“I completely loved this story. It’s fast-paced, well-written, and so compelling I couldn’t put it down.” ~~ Okie Dreams Book Reviews

“[McGinnis] gives you a touching heartwarming read that just about rips your heart out..” ~~ Cyn's Reviews

Her writing is pure and beautiful. Her romances are classics and will never go out of style. I love, love, love them! ” ~~ Pretty Little Book Reviews

Heartwarming characters, a love like no other, and well-written words that you will lose yourself in. Snowflake Wishes will get you into the holiday spirit within a few pages.” ~~ Amazon review

"The romance here was perfect. I loved the history between these characters and how their relationship progressed. McGinnis sure did give us a lot of story in just 86 pages. I can’t wait to read more books in this Echo Lake series. A total win!" ~~ Pretty Sassy Cool Reviews

Forever This Time cover

... about Forever This Time (Echo Lake #1)

*** One of Amazon's 10 Best Romances of November 2015!! ***

“Launching the Echo Lake contemporary series, McGinnis weaves an engrossing and uplifting tale of enduring love.” ~~ Publishers Weekly

Maggie McGinnis really outshines herself with this well written story.” ~~ Night Owl Reviews (5-star Top Pick!)

“FOREVER THIS TIME packs an emotional wallop that’s unique and beautiful.” ~~The Zest Quest

“I loved this book to pieces! It is a classic romance that will never go out of style. This story warms your heart from start to finish. I couldn’t get enough of it.” ~~ Pretty Little Book Reviews (6 out of 5 stars :) )

“I highly recommend this brilliant cozy romance to all. This novel by Maggie McGinnis is fresh, bold, and charming.” ~~ Universal Creativity Inc.


Moonlight Crush Cover

... about Moonlight Crush (Echo Lake #2)

(formerly titled Heart Like Mine)

"Joshua and Delaney's hot and emotionally charged romance will delight readers." -- Publishers Weekly

"An engaging plot, genuine, relatable characters and a sweet yet sexy romance will keep readers turning the pages." - RT Book Reviews

"A book that you can laugh and cry while reading. Read it in one sitting, just couldn't put it down." ― Fresh Fiction

"Magical. A sweet and inspirational romance that will tug at every reader's heart. Heart Like Mine is an outstanding novel." ― Manhattan Book Review (5 stars)

"If you're looking for a sweet romance that has slow kisses and a heartwarming adventure, I would highly recommend meeting the characters of Echo Lake!" ― Lush Book Reviews

"An endearing and touching contemporary romance." ― Night Owl Reviews

"Heartwarming." ― Romance Junkies (4.5 stars)

"I can not wait to read the next book in this series!" ― Always Reading Reviews (5 stars)

"An amazing read with captivating characters and filled with romance." ― Harlequin Junkie (Top pick, 5 stars)


Firefly Summer Cover

... about Firefly Summer (Echo Lake #3)

(formerly titled She's Got a Way)

"McGinnis crafts a sweet, emotionally layered tale and the result is an entertaining happily ever after." ~~ Publishers Weekly

What transpires between these two love-starved adults and the girls is a great story of romance and the love for a group of lost girls. Will it just be a summer camp romance or will it last a lifetime? Another great book by Maggie McGinnis. ~~ Romance Junkies Book Reviews

It is more than a simple romance, and Maggie McGinnis is more than a romance writer ... There was humor, and some scenes were almost sidesplitting funny. Positive relationships became nurtured in the daily closeness at the camp ... The plot encompassed all this and more, making this author one to be avidly read both for this novel and those in the future. ~~ Open Book Society

So, this is sort of silly to say, and very meta, but the rom-com feel of this was so great! It had "awesome chick movie" all over it ... This has more depth than a typical Rom-Com, along the lines of a Nicholas Sparks romance, but also keeps you laughing (fulfilling the "com" promise). It was a pleasure to read! ~~ Musings of Madjy

Accidental Cowgirl Cover

... about Accidental Cowgirl (Whisper Creek #1)

The characters and the writing were both exceptional. The story held its own with each and every twist it took. I would highly recommend this book to everybody who wants a gripping tale of heartache turned happy ending. Rating: 5 stars
~~ Reading Bliss

Accidental Cowgirl was one of the sweetest love stories I have read in a very long time! I cannot tell you enough...this book hooked me right away and kept me reading 'til the end! This story was fun & funny! Kyla's friends are hysterical and I look forward to reading more about them in the future. Decker is sweet without being sappy, he is "tough guy" enough without being an overwhelming alpha. Together Kyla & Decker are perfect for each other..they just don't know it until the end. Please do yourself a favor and pick this one up.. you WILL enjoy it.
~~ Book Addict Reviews

Very nice read, just enough angst to make you think that they aren't meant to be together and then something flips and they end up on top. I enjoyed it enough that I read it in one afternoon, it kept my attention and in the end I kind of wanted more. I wanted to read Cole's story and maybe Jess and Hayley story too ( they are Kyla's best friends). I sincerely hope that the author plans to write their stories too. Rating: 5 stars
~~ Chill Reviews

Maggie McGinnis shines in her debut novel for LoveSwept! This book was a breath of fresh air for me. It was light and fun to read. Every character, even the meddlesome ex-girlfriend, was written with great detail (my prediction we have not seen the last of her). For the most part they have turned into old friends that I can’t wait to check in on again. In GoodReads this book is indicated as the first book in a series – I hope that is true! I will definitely be on the lookout for more books by Maggie McGinnis. Rating: 4.5 stars
~~ Kame's BookReviews

If you want a fun, entertaining, and a read that will be hard to put down, don’t miss Accidental Cowgirl by Maggie McGinnis. Rating: 4.5 stars
~~ Harlequin Junkie

Accidental Cowgirl is a sweet romance and I enjoyed it thoroughly, the author has a crisp and witty writing style and draws you in and makes you feel at home. I loved the characters, the dialog was supreme, and the ending was perfect for this couple.
~~ Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

What a fantastic, feel good romance! This wonderful cowboy romance made me want to live on a ranch and find my own cowboy love...Accidental Cowgirl sounds like a funny and light read. It is that, but also so much more! It is a hilarious romance with sweet characters, funny secondary protagonists, a beautiful romance and deep emotions...Accidental Cowgirl made me feel good from start to finish. It is everything I look for in a good romance novel and Maggie McGinnis has a new fan in me! Rating: 4.5 stars
~~ Swept Away by Romance

Cowboy Promises Cover

... about Cowboy Promises (Whisper Creek #2)

(formerly titled A Cowboy's Christmas Promise)

"Maggie McGinnis stole my heart with this holiday romance!" ~~ Jane Porter, New York Times bestselling author

“Maggie McGinnis has such a magnificent way of revealing the true nature and character of her players. I truly loved this story and will seek out others by this talented author.” ~~ Fresh Fiction

“A beautiful storyline . . . If you are looking for a sweet romance, A Cowboy’s Christmas Promise would be a good book to add to your pile. I highly recommend this book.” ~~ Night Owl Reviews (Top Pick)

“This is a sweet and emotional story of an attraction that deals with real problems in an honest and realistic way. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Warning: Reading this book will make you crave cupcakes and want to make snow angels!” ~~ Twin Spin

"Witty dialogue, combined with a heartwarming story and a hero I'd like to take home with me, made for a compelling and enjoyable read. McGinnis has crafted a novel sure to make you want a cowboy of your own! ~~ Cheyenne McCray, New York Times bestselling author

“Sparks fly for many reasons, and not just when Hayley attempts to make lasagna. . . . McGinnis keeps readers involved with blended plotlines that balance the characters’ complications.” ~~ Library Journal

“I found myself drawn into the book by McGinnis’s humor and her talent at creating real characters I could empathize with. I also identified with the warmth of the circle of three friends.” ~~ Idaho Statesman

Once Upon a Cowboy Cover

... about Once Upon a Cowboy (Whisper Creek #3)

“[Once Upon a Cowboy] reaches in and grabs onto the heartstrings and just won’t let go. Emotional and heartbreaking, this is a touching story about the healing power of love. . . . McGinnis handles the issues delicately and respectfully but still maintains a lighthearted tone. The location was so charming and characters so well written that this was a fun story to read.” ~~The Sassy Bookster

“The characters will capture your heart and envelope you in their fears and struggles to find that forever love. . . . Maggie McGinnis is a brilliant writer.” ~~ Fresh Fiction

“If [you] haven’t read Maggie McGinnis’s work before, do yourself a favor and pick up Once Upon a Cowboy now.” ~~Okie Dreams Book Reviews

“An emotional read from the first page to the last. . . . Whisper Creek seems to be idyllic. . . Between the homes, the scenery, the tours, the soon-to-be spa, the kids, the horses, the family and friends it’s a place I wouldn’t mind living.” ~~ Romancing the Book

“There are equal measures of heartache and joy sprinkled throughout the read, making it a story that engulfs the reader.” ~~

“Sexy, charming, and perfectly heartwarming, Once Upon a Cowboy is the ultimate pick-me-up. Everything about this book made me smile. Maggie McGinnis just keeps getting better and better!” ~~ USA Today bestselling author Lauren Layne

Unlucky in Love Cover

... about Unlucky In Love (Whisper Creek #4)

“This is one of those books you don’t want to put down (not even for a snack or to get some sleep) but you also never want to finish. . . . After being enthralled by the beauty and the peace of Whisper Creek, coming back to reality sucks. Big time.”—Roberta’s Dream World
“If you’re looking for a sweet, romantic love story, I highly recommend all the novels in the Whisper Creek Series. Unlucky in Love made me laugh, sigh and try to figure a way to get to Whisper Creek Ranch.”—TBQ’s Book Palace
Unlucky in Love was sweet, charming, emotional, and with beautiful Montana as a backdrop, it was an engaging romance.”—Guilty Pleasures
“Alexis and Gunnar’s romance was very sweet and romantic, making the book full of warm feelings and happily ever after. It was just what I had been looking for.”—Wicked Reads
“What a great new addition to the Whisper Creek series! . . . A perfect story that emphasizes what home really is.”—It’s About the Book

Meant to Be Cover

... about Meant to Be (Whisper Creek #5)

“[Maggie] McGinnis has become one of my go-to authors for contemporary romance. . . . She knows how to entertain readers with a story that provides plenty of emotion, witty banter and a hot romance that does justice to the couple’s strong chemistry.”—Harlequin Junkie (top pick)

“McGinnis made me fall in love with cowboys from the very first book, but an ex-cop turned cowboy? Well, the hotness scale tips dangerously toward love at first sight (or page?). Add the love for country music and the fact that he plays the guitar and, well, I’m a goner.”—Roberta’s Dream World

“Sweet and emotional . . . I have loved every book in this series, but there was something extra special about Meant to Be, making it a fast favorite in this series.”—Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

“For those readers who prefer romantic yet clean romance stories, this is an adorably sweet, wholesome read worth one’s time. . . . Another wonderful addition to a charming series featuring hot cowboys and the spunky heroines they fall in love with.”—RT Book Reviews

“Maggie will transport you to a small Montana town, and have you mesmerized by the country soul between the pages. Meant to Be is something you need to experience yourself. It’s definitely a must.”—BooksBoys Book Blog

“I can always count on a Maggie McGinnis book to make me laugh, cry, and swoon over hottie heroes. All. The. Time. And Meant to Be is no exception. . . . This series gives us more cowboys than we know what to do with (not complaining!); it really is one that I always look forward to reading and can’t wait for more!”—Lampshade Reader

“With a perfect mix of sweet, tender love, humor and heartache, the new installment to the Whisper Creek series stole my heart.”—Books and Spoons

Taking a Chance Cover

... about Taking a Chance (Whisper Creek #6)

“Maggie McGinnis just keeps getting better and better!” ~~ USA TODAY Bestselling Author Lauren Layne

"Awesome story! It will break your heart and then put it back together again for you. You will be stronger because of the journey you have just taken." ~~ Amazon review

I absolutely loved this book, and I couldn't put it down until the story came to blissfully HEA ... What a wild, lovable bunch of characters ... I have been hooked on this series, since reading the 1st book. And right now...... I can hardly wait for the next installment." ~~ Amazon review

Maggie McGinnis has done it again!! Every time I read a book in this series I think it can't get any better and then it does. Jasper has been around in other books and now it is his time to share his story. What a story it is! The story of Jasper and Emma includes some great characters, lots of giggles,and big emotions as they both work out some of their past and current issues. You might tear up a little. You might laugh a lot. You might really, really love this book." ~~ Amazon review

I never miss the opportunity to read one of Maggie’s books. This was another great romance with humor, and the crazy antics of residents in a care home added an especially delightful element. A warm story worth reading!" ~~ Amazon review

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